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Lea Marie McGough
Lea Marie McGough
not over charge clients, this company is supposed to be a fiduciary but doesn't seem to act as one. for some reason... they push extra benefits that is unnecessary unto people and they have to pay several hundred dollars for. some people may need these extra benefits but not all people, and they should check to see. they should screen and monitor their agents make sure they're not stealing or overcharging clients, not to name names once a car insurance rate goes up substantially, without any explanation, and then all of a sudden the agent gets fired after getting several hundreds if not thousands of dollars yet the client or clients never received the money back nor was it ever put on their future payments. although it was clear what she was doing, never an apology nor an admission was made. but I guess they couldn't, cuz if they did then they would have to pay that money back in one way or another. I do like this company, but I do not like some things that they do.read more

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