Our Difference

The Burkhart-Presidio Difference

Having purchased and taken over the business from Dirk Presidio in 2018, Joe Kreusch and Jeff Servinski continue to run the business based on its founding philosophy and values.

Of highest priority over selling insurance services is to provide clients with the knowledge they need to make an educated decision on what best works for them.   We take the time to ask very detailed questions and ensure no stone goes unturned in helping our customers find their best insurance coverages.  This is a level of experience we provide and attention to detail that just isn’t possible when trying to sign up for your own insurance online.

“I don’t think our clients would say that we sold them anything,” says Joe. “We consult with people and help them make their choices.  Our job is to make sure people are put in the right place and that they have what they need in their life, and at the end of the day, we know that in the long run, if we take care of them, it will come back around.”

“Insurance is a contract,” Joe said. “There is a lot to it, and it takes a lot of time to understand what best works for a given scenario, and we’re here to explain what we know.”

“Education and continued education for our staff is a number one priority,” Jeff said. “The value we bring is knowledge, and we are always making sure our staff is on top of things from an education perspective.”

The duo plans on continuing to adapt to new technology, education opportunities, and community involvement in the future. “We value our staff like we value our community,” Joe said. “We know that we’re here to take care of them, and if we take care of them, they’ll take care of us.”