Individual & Family Healthcare

Peace of Mind

There are few things more important than knowing you have the right health care in place for your family.  At Burkhart-Presidio, we know the right questions to ask to help you zero in on specific plan variables and guide you through making the right decision for your personal situation.   There’s no reason to try to figure things out on your own.  Whether you are needing to navigate the Marketplace or interested in looking at independent providers, our expert advisors can assist you with important factors like deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, tax implications, and more.

There is a Policy to Meet Your Personal and Financial Needs

There are few things more important than knowing you have the right health care in place for your family to cover your well-being as well as the unexpected.   Many of our health care customers come to us after frustratingly trying to figure out the Marketplace and all the options themselves.  But, it’s not necessary.  There is no upfront cost or healthcare plan price difference to you for obtaining our help and expertise along the way.

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What Can We Help You With Today?

We are currently finding the standardized plans and pricing available in the Marketplace serve a vast majority of our customers.  Although we also work with carriers who still provide health insurance plans independent from the Marketplace, too.

What is the Marketplace?

Many of our customers have questions about the Marketplace, as implemented by the Affordable Care Act.  The Marketplace is a portal you can go through to sign up for the standardized healthcare plans and options available.

The Marketplace is a valuable resource for you if your employee doesn’t offer healthcare, if you’re an independent contractor, or if you are a small business owner.

How We Can Help

At Burkhart-Presidio, we offer free support from our experts to sign up for plans through the Marketplace, so there’s no reason to figure out how to navigate the system on your own.  We’ll help you navigate the plans and answer the intake questions about your future income that drive plan pricing.  There’s no reason to take on the pressure of making the right decisions yourself!

Questions about how to get the most income tax benefit from your Marketplace plan?  We’ll help you with these important questions, and more.  Initially there were income levels where your tax credits for healthcare abruptly increased.  But, the new law as of April 1, 2021 is a sliding scale making tax forecasting and planning easier.

The Burkhart-Presidio Difference

You’ll always know what’s covered and what’s not covered before you sign any policy. And, throughout the life of your policy, Burkhart Presidio will help ensure our Providers follow through on their commitments to you, our valued Customer.