Emergency Assistance

What to Do in an Emergency

If you have an urgent situation or need roadside assistance, please call your Insurance Carrier’s Emergency Claim number ASAP (contact numbers below) 

Also contact your Agent so we can assist you with getting the response from your carrier you need.   If we do not pick up the phone, we will get back to you as soon we are able.  In a real emergency, please do not wait to contact your Carrier.

Emergency Agent Numbers

Joe Kreusch


(989) 297-2838


Jeff Servinski


(989) 293-4607


Emergency Carrier Numbers

CarrierWebsiteClaim NumberEmergency NumberTips
AAAClick Here800-222-6424800-222-6424
Accident FundClick Here866-206-5851
Auto OwnersClick Here888-252-4626888-869-2642
Blue Cross Group
Blue Cross Individual
CitizensClick Here800-628-0250800-628-0250
ForemostClick Here800-527-3907800-527-3907
Grand General
HagertyClick Here800-385-0274888-445-8103
Hastings MutualClick Here800-442-8277800-255-7135
Michigan Insurance CompanyClick Here800-877-9006_
Pioneer State MutualClick Here800-837-7674800-828-7067Have EZPay ID# from bill
ProgressiveClick Here800-274-4499800-776-2778
SafecoClick Here800-332-3226877-762-3101