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Did You Know?  Most Insurance carriers offer savings if you bundle multiple insurances together.   Sometimes referred to as a multi-policy, multi-line or multi-product discounts, these savings aren’t just for the big nationwide providers like Geico and Progressive, but offered to all customers and agencies.

At Burkhart-Presidio, we not only help you find the insurance for your needs, but help you find it at the best price.  Not only that, you’ll also get our highly personalized customer care over the long-term, and that’s something the bigger companies can’t offer,

Bundle Auto and Home Insurance

One of the easiest and most common ways to save money on insurance is by bundling your home and auto insurance with one carrier.

Typically,  the larger the policy, the steeper the discount you can obtain when bundling. For example, since homes are worth more than cars, the bundled discount on your homeowners insurance policy will likely be higher than the one a company will give on your auto insurance policy.

But beware!  Bundling doesn’t automatically mean savings.  Many factors come into play such as prior claims,  driving record, credit scores, etc.

At Burkhart-Presidio, we’ll help you sort out the differences and find you the best opportunity to save.  We’ll compare quotes and policy details for you and help evaluate if bundling with a single carrier vs. going with lower price offers from multiple carriers best suits your needs.

Bundle Auto and Renters Insurance

Just like Auto and Home Insurance, similar bundled savings can be obtained with auto and renters insurance.   The main difference is usually in percentages of savings, since renters insurance policies cost less than home insurance policies.  As mentioned above, the larger discounts and savings are usually applied to the larger policies.

At Burkhart Presidio, we often see young customers starting out with rental properties and 1-2 vehicles.   It can be easy to get swayed with advertising into policies that are inexpensive and easy to opt into, but these don’t come without risk in terms of too low or no coverage on important details of your policy.

No matter if you rent or own your place of residence, our Burkhart Presidio agents will spend the necessary time with you to ensure you are fully covered to the level needed, as well as research multiple quotes for bundling opportunities or individual carriers to get you the best price.   Often this price is the same the big national insurance companies who invest significant amounts of money in advertising, but with better coverage.

Bundle Any Two or More Items of Property

Bundling the family vehicle fleet with a single carrier almost always saves you money.  But what about other types of property?

Good news!  When you own valuable items beyond your home and primary vehicle/s, such as boats, an RV, expensive jewelry, computer equipment, or musical instruments, bundling with your home owners and/or auto insurance will usually save you money (and hassles).

A big benefit in doing so is simplified policy management.   There is typically less hassle managing multiple policies when they come from the same company, such as working with one web portal, one agent, and a common set of paperwork requirements.

At Burkhart, we’ll look at your total insurance needs and help you find the best pricing and policies to cover.

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You’ll always know what’s covered and what’s not covered before you sign any policy.  And, throughout the life of your policy, Burkhart Presidio will help ensure our Providers follow through on their commitments to you, our valued Customer.