Business Owners Insurance

Protecting What You’ve Worked so Hard to Build

We won’t cut corners. Finding the right business owners insurance for your unique needs isn’t a linear process. In fact, finding the ideal policy can take a lot of twists and turns. Business insurance can be complex and evolving as your business grows. Agents from other insurance companies who simply walk you through a checklist are likely not taking the entire risk of what you have to lose into consideration when giving you a quick business insurance quote. At Burkhart-Presidio we take the time to ensure you are getting optimal coverage – for the best price.

Peace of Mind

One less thing you can worry about as a Small Business Owner is your insurance when you know you are protected and have the right coverage.  When you contact Burkhart-Presidio about a business insurance policy, you’ll be working with experienced agents.  In fact, one of our co-owners, Jeff Servinski, has been a principal partner in Servinski Sod since 1988 and understands your needs and concerns from personal experience.

Additionally, some of our agents have been in the business for 20+ years.  We know the specific questions we need to ask to make sure your income, assets, and property are fully insured at the level you need them to be.

Ultimately, we are looking for the best price and coverage specific at balanced risk tolerance and economic level.  At Burkhart-Presidio, we know from experience that this balance is custom for each and every business owner.

Response When You Need It

When it comes to your business and it’s bottom line, we know that getting a response from your insurance company on claims that you want and need your issues taken care of ASAP.

At Burkhart-Presidio, we have a team of agents that can come to your service when and if things get complicated.  We’ll help you navigate your insurance and advocate for your business to ensure you are getting the best possible customer service from your insurance carrier/s.  Our team works with you to help ensure your claims are handled with the utmost priority and as fast as possible.

We only work with the best of the best when it comes to customer care and continuously evaluate the providers we represent to ensure they meet both our expectations of service and, more importantly, yours.

Navigating Business Insurance

Just Starting Out?  Own a Franchise?  Independent Contractor?  Growing Business?  Operate Machinery?  Workforce Safety a Concern?  Serve Alcohol? Professional Liability?

Our carriers offer a wide range of insurance products to meet the needs of Michigan Small Business Owners.

Most business owners who come to us are looking for solutions.  Some are just starting out and don’t know the first thing about what their business needs.  Others are looking for more economic policies or are growing and need more/better coverage.

You may notice content on many insurance websites that reminds you to ask about specific coverage limits and deductibles.  This may be short-hand for a speedy process that puts the ball in your court to ensure your business is covered.  That won’t happen at Burkhart-Presidio.  We don’t expect you to know what you need to ask.  We hold our team to a high standard of providing you the professional guidance your business expects and needs.

All of the property your business owns needs to be covered by a business property insurance policy for the cost of repair or replacement to protect it against covered perils, such as a fire or a tornado.   In the event you need to repair your building, office or warehouse, or replace office furniture, computers, equipment or machinery, your business property insurance can cover you up to the coverage limits in your policy.   Beyond that, you’ll pay out of pocket and/or your Commercial Umbrella kicks in.

For some businesses, determining the right level of property insurance can be a detailed task, one which our experienced agents at Burkhart-Presidio can provide guidance to minimize the hassle and optimize your coverage.

Important note!  Having an insufficient business property policy can result in a penalty or a fine you would need to pay for not purchasing enough insurance.  So, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with professional and experienced agents like those we have at Burkhart-Presidio who will take the time to ensure your bases are covered.

What is BOP?

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a combined package of the most-needed types of insurance for small and medium businesses.  It includes commercial liability and  commercial property and may include business interruption insurance.

Business Owner Policies are commonly used by businesses like independent contractors, retail shops and boutiques, and restaurants and coffee shops.  Your Burkhart-Presidio agent will help you assess if a BOP policy can cover your business.

Additional Types of Business Insurance

If you’re a small business owner, you may also be able to buy additional insurance coverages and riders to customize your policy based on your specific needs.

These may include:

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Inland Marine

Professional Liability Insurance (often called Errors and Omissions Insurance)

Cyber Insurance (theft, data protection)

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Liquor Liability Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Excess and Surplus Insurance

And more (if it’s insurable, Burkhart-Presidio can help!)

Experience the Burkhart-Presidio Difference

We are here to serve the ongoing insurance needs of all structures of businesses in our local communities. Give us a call today for a complimentary quote.