Personal Umbrella

Protection for the Rainiest Days

An umbrella policy provides you with the additional liability coverage you may need at a low cost.  The coverage from an umbrella policy kicks in when liability coverage is needed beyond what your underlying policy covers.

Picture an umbrella with all of your personal lines policies underneath; once the policy limit on a policy under the umbrella is exhausted,  the umbrella will drop down additional liability coverages.

Umbrella coverage is purchased in $1,000,000 increments.  Our Burkhart-Presidio agents will always inquire about quoting your policies with  Umbrella coverage, as the cost is minimal compared with the cost of the peace of mind knowing you are covered.

When Do You Need an Umbrella Policy?

In unusual, but not uncommon situations, an umbrella policy can be a lifesaver when accidents occur.  For example:

  • Someone has an accident on your property
  • Someone in your family has a car accident or other accident that hurts someone else
  • A fire or flood  that starts on your property accidentally damages your neighbor’s property